We believe that hard work should be recognized!

At the end of each year, the Newnan High School Band hosts an awards night to honor all of the hard work that our band students have done over the academic year. Our goal is that every student is recognized for their achievements. Awards in the Newnan High School Band are specifically based on things that the students have done. This paves a way for all students to have the opportunity to be recognized, regardless of ability level, grade level, or other similar factors.

At our awards night, students who have accomplished the following things will be recognized:

  1. Students who participated in the Newnan High School Marching Cats or other extra curricular band activity. This includes color guard and other auxiliary members of the band.

  2. Students who were in one of the bands that participated in Large Group Performance Evaluation

  3. Students who earned a superior rating at the Solo and Ensemble event

  4. Students who earned a spot in the District Honor Band

  5. Students who participated in director approved outside activities, community orchestras, collegiate ensembles, etc.

  6. Students who earn a letter or service bar for their band participation in good standing. The requirements for receiving a letter or service bar are:

    1. Must be in a band class for both the fall and spring semester for the year in which the letter or bar is given. (juniors and seniors will be grandfathered in for this rule for the 2019-2020 school year as discussed in class).

    2. Must be a member in good standing with the marching band (this includes any outstanding band fees.

    3. Must have no unexcused absences for any rehearsals or performances.

The following are the highest awards that will be presented to students:

  1. Students who earned a spot in the All State Band

  2. “Freshmen Cougar High Music Award” given to all freshmen who have participated in marching band and 2 semesters of a concert band class.

  3. “Sophomore Cougar High Music Award” given to all sophomores who have participated in 2 years of marching band and 4 semesters of concert band class.

  4. “Junior Cougar High Music Award” given to all juniors who have participated in 3 years of marching band and 6 semesters of concert band class.

  5. “Senior Cougar High Music Award” given to all seniors who have participated in 4 years of marching band and 8 semesters of concert band class.

  6. High Music Hall of Fame Recognition. These students names will be placed on a plaque or banner than hangs in the band room for future generations to remember their legacy. These students are recognized as being the students who have made the choice to go above and beyond participation in the normal high school experience. To be recognized as a member of the “High Music Hall of Fame” a student must have earned the senior cougar music award plus any one of the following additional requirements:

    1. Auditioned for all state for 3 years

    2. Made district band 2 years

    3. Made the all state band at least once

    4. Participated in an outside approved collegiate level ensemble for 2 years

    5. Taken private lessons for 3 or more years with an approved instructor

  7. Honor Cords. All Seniors who are members of Tri-M will receive their Tri-M honor cords for graduation. Please see the Tri-M page for membership details.

A few additional notes and possible requirements for awards night.

  1. To receive an award, the student must be in good standing at Newnan High School. This means being a good academic student, no disciplinary issues, and no attendance issues.

  2. Any student who quits a musical ensemble that they were committed to will not be eligible for ANY band awards.

  3. All band fees must be paid for by March 1st to receive any awards. This includes band fees that may be owed from previous years. Band awards can not be retroactively ordered due to cost.

  4. The student must have 0 unexcused absences from rehearsals.

  5. The student must have missed 0 performances (unless approved in writing from directors).